Cancel the refund request (Advanced IoT and ML training Error)

Actually today i completed this course “Advance IoT and ML Training” which i got with bolt cloud pro subscription and during the certification exam the course access code is missing and it showing “Cannot show the access code as refund is requested” and

i have not done any refund request, then this should not be showing. so, I request you please fix this issue as soon as possible.

I am attaching the screenshot please rectify the issue


Can you check this?

@abhishekbiswas772 Can you please check if the issue has been resolved or not?

Yes, the issue is resolved

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Sir same issue with me


Can you refresh the page and try again?

Do revert back in case you face the issues.

@yeshwant.naik Sir I am facing same issues the issue has not been resolved

Can you share a screenshot of the same?

I am also facing the same issue


Can you check this?

@abdul161601 Can you please verify if the issue is still persisting now?

Same issue. It’s coming as course excess code has expired/invalid and it’s showing that I have to pay for the training . So I have requested for a refund

Hi @janeferns53,

@shoeb.ahmed1 will be helping you out on this thread Cancel the refund request (Cannot show access code as refund requested.)

@janeferns53 Can you please share your email ID or Order ID so that I can look into this?

Order details: Order Id - India37606

                     Bluedart 69550169673

@janeferns53 Since I require the access code shown to you, please write to as the access code should not be shared publicly.
In the email, please mention the order ID and the course access code that is being shown to you.

@janeferns53 As per our systems, the course access code is valid and has been used by your email ID to get the course access. Please note that once you have got the course access, you do not need to apply the code again. Simply login to using the same email ID and password and you will be able to get the course access.

Yes sir. After getting the excess code, I could not login. It was showing as recaptcha invalid.
So I have requested for a refund and so now I cannot excess the code.
So if I can login easily and excess the training then I can request for the cancellation of the refund. As the pickup date is tomorrow. So please do the needful

Can you please tell me what should I do?

@janeferns53 I can cancel the refund request for you if you wish to go ahead with the course. Please do let me know as soon as possible.