Cannot Acces my Bolt IOT training

Dear Sir I cannot access my BOLT IOT training, although i enrolled in it a while ago and completed a bit of the course. Even though i logged in with the same email as i did first following the procedure ( but still it is not letting me continue my course and asking me to buy it again.!. After i try to start training and click on any video the following process continues.

After tapping on continue as vikash pandey it redirects me to the second page every time and asks me to enroll again.
Please help me for the above problem.

Hi @vikashpandey2425,

As I can see, you have used this email id for creating your account on

Please login using this email id and once you logged in, you can edit your email id from the profile section.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Please don’t would have got a confirmation e-mail of the course that you have enrolled right so don’t worry try to change your password and use the same e-mail id that you have used to enroll the course and follow the steps accordingly.
Still if your unable to access send an e-mail to the Bolt Iot authority.They will definitely help you.

The issue still persists as I’m still not able to access my training. I have disconnected my teachables account and am still trying to access it through my schools account by saving my email in it but it always redirects me to the same page with no access to my training and askinng me to login for further access.

after this step when i login with my account it shows this page and no matter if i login with teachables account or school it asks me to enroll again.