Cannot add device in the BOLT app

My phone gets connected to the BOLT hotspot, but when I open the bolt mobile app and try to add device it loads and my phone gets automatically disconnects itself from BOLT hotspot. And therefore I cannot connect the device to Cloud.


Try restarting the bolt module. To be more specific plug out and plug in the bolt module. Check your mobile’s wifi for the devices. Or try connecting your bolt module with any other wifi networks possible. If it gets connected , proceed directly to the webpage where you will be prompted to link your device with the product and proceed as per the on-screen directions. I hope your query has been answered. If you still face the problem try interfacing your bolt module with another device.

Restart the bolt device settings from 1st. Even if you can’t able to connect the device to bolt , in your phone go to the hotspot setting and make sure that u can connect Ur phone hotspot with other devices.

I am having this same issue.

I am havind same issue…unable to add devices

@shweta.iy007 Are you by any chance using an iOS phone?

Yes I have realme fone apart from iPad…please guide how to add…I downloaded app n my microcontroller is functional

@shweta.iy007 We had recently pushed a update to Bolt iOS app. Can you please download the latest app version and try again?

You don’t need a wifi router nor secondary mobile to connect bolt to wifi network, you can connect your bolt module and any other devices using single mobile hotspot by following few steps:

  1. Sign in to bolt mobile app and after logging in through gmail turn OFF your mobile data and hotspot if any,then click on ADD DEVICES .
    2.Complete those 3 steps and select READY option,it will ask you to enable location, then u will get your Bolt device and the status will be showing as secured , then click CONTINUE .
    3.Then it will ask you to Add Network/setup VIA Hotspot , click on that option.
    4.U will be asked to enter SSID name and password, here you have to enter your mobile hotspot name and password and click the dialog box of " check if setting up via mobile hotspot".
    5.Click CONNECT option and then u will be asked to turn ON your hotspot, come back and again you will be asked to ON turn your mobile data.
    6.Then wait for your bolt module’s to show green led and with constant blue led light device ready to use.
    7.If there is some error popping up then go for ““troubleshoot”” and click ““skip”” option and continue with your project happily.
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make sure that your hotspot name is unique and make sure that no other module is connected with your hotspot beacuse when you do training with multiple people it may happen that your hotspot connects to others module as well so while connecting your device make sure its just your module and your phone hotspot