Cannot add device

I am using the bolt iot device for the first time.
I followed all the steps for the connection.
Still, it’s showing me device does not exist.
what should I do?

please help!

Hi @tansh1807 are you going to connect wifi module with your phone. Right?
Can you share screenshot so we can easily understood your query.

I was also facing the same problem, but now it’s solved. Please follow the following steps:

  1. I think the first problem is in the wifi setting that the blot hotspot is not showing. Then reinstall the Bolt Iot app and then check for the hotspot. And if it’s still not showing, then again connect the wifi module to power and follow the further steps shown in the app.
  2. Then add a network to connect the bolt to the cloud. If your desired network is not showing or not connecting, then refresh the network page and if you are still not getting the network then try with a different wifi network or mobile hotspot.
  3. Now your both the LEDs (blue and green) are on, and now you can build and see your product on the desktop

I hope this will help you

Thank you

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I think either ur hotspot is not on or u have not followed the steps correctly.Go through the steps again and try again and if still it doesn’t work than try turning off ur network and try again .