Cannot connect arduino with Bolt

Can anyone tell me elaborately about how to receive the sensor’s data which is detected by Arduino to the bolt and to visualize the data?
I have tried all the possible ways given in the docs, forum but still cannot get the required output. Please, someone, help me with this I have been trying this for a couple of days.

Hi @yellanikhil99:
Check out the link below for a project built using Boltduino and Bolt. (The Boltduino is very similar to the Arduino)

Can you tell me any other example where I can simply get the data from Arduino and upload it to the bolt cloud for visualisation. Example with temperature sensor.
And can you give me all the available commands and their functionalities in boltiot library


Go through the readme given here for explanation of the commands available in the Arduino code.

If you are facing issues with how to setup the whole system, do reply with exactly where you are getting stuck.