Cannot connect my bolt

Am using a mobile phone with no sim card inserted and thus am not having access to mobile data.I used a wifi connection from another phone and installed the bolt iot application.Bt still it notifies me to turn off the mobile data while trying to connect the wifi module.The blue LED blinks fast when it comes in close contact with my phone…Bt I cannot proceed further.Can anyone help me on this??

the working not only depends on data but also hifg accuracy location,if you will use phone without sim card how will these @sanavhamsa please use 2 phones or use a wifi router instead if you have it.
hope this helps.

You can try directly connecting to the device from your account at even if you phone has no internet. It worked for me. It will work provided you device is linked.

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Can you please install the app on the mobile that has the internet connection? During the setup process on the wifi selection page, manually add the hotspot name and password of the mobile [Hotspot should be off at this point] and start the hotspot once the configuration is done.

The device should get connected to the hotspot of the device.