Cannot connect to BoltIot with ios 14

I have an iphone and ios 14 and I tried to connect my botliot and it will not connect. any suggestions?

for performing this steps you need one wifi connection and your mobile data OR you need two mobile phones(one for transmitting hotspot and other mobile data in bolt app)
step 1: download bolt app from ios playstore
step 2: sign in with your registered email id on bolt app.
step 3:Now connect your bolt wifi module to your laptop through usb cable given to you.
step 4; blue led will start blinking slowly.
step 5:On the bolt app click on add device and follow as per the given instructions .

I hope this found helpfull to you.

Hi @s4542fj,

Can you record a video of the setup and share it with us? Also, what is the status of the blue and green led of Bolt?