Cannot connect to open wifi connection

My bolt device is not able to connect with open Wifi source. It is showing a popup caution that states it can’t be connected due to security reasons, But I am having a wifi connection, though it is an open source network but each user is having their own personal Id’s and password. But the bolt is not able to connect in the first place so I’m unable to move further.

Please help me out with this.

It will be helpful if you post a screenshot of the issue you are facing to analyse and give a solution

Hey there, Please provide screenshots for problems, It’s easy to analyze.
Anyways i’m providing you with some key points to this issue.
You may check if your issue is due to the following reasons.

  1. Make sure if your wifi operates on 2.4 GHZ and not on 5 GHZ.
  2. Before connecting to wifi, module will create its own hotspot, so make sure if you’re following the steps.