Cannot find BoltIot wifi

BoltIot device is blinking both lights green and blue but cannot show hotspot name in BoltIOT mobile application to connect with it.
Guide me to connect with Bolt device with mobile application.

Hi, @vinaywizard7172 It appears to be already connected to the local WiFi network(Indicated by the Stable Blue LED). Also, the Bolt is connected to the Bolt Cloud and the Internet(indicated by the Stable Green LED).

Did you do the WiFi setup before or was the Blue and the Green LED on the moment you powered the device on?

Hi Sir @ashwin.salgaocar

I was connected to the network once time before, then i can’t find or connect to the bot Iot apps to the wifi networks. And when I powered Bolt Iot device through the USB port then both (blue and green) light start glowing.

Hope you understand my problem.

Hello vinay,
It looks like the bolt is connected to wifi with in your range, because the blue light is stable and green light is on which indicates that your bolt is connected to internet. to verify it ,check in their website of cloud.bolt. in devices if you can see one . or else
just do this - this must be connected to the wi-fi in your home if not then your hotspot what you need to do is simply turn off the Wi-Fi in your home or your mobile hotspot , make sure the no internet is connected to it. then after the green light goes off after that you can reconnect and check it should definitely should work.
thank you!

Hello vinay it is clear that your device is connected to the wi-fi
so please turn it down and reconnect this should fix your problem

Thank you @hemanthrajvardhan

It is connected to the device.

Bolt module is already connected to wifi and its wifi is setup already u can see a green dot infront of your Bolt module in the app if its not showing change the wifi password then module automatically dissconnects and then u follow as usual procedure to set up try it by changing wifi password

Thank you @k.karthi944980