Cannot find the linked device

My both green and blue LED are ON but my linked device is empty
It is not yet verified

@rajvijshah0, are the both blue and green LED lights stable? Also you need to install boltiot on your smartphone to verify your module.

Yes both the lights are stable and on
I installed the app also but bolt wifi network is not connecting.
Due to which in device section I can’t view any device.

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Sorry then I am not able to clear this doubt. :pensive:

@rajvijshah0 Both lights are stable and on indicates that the device is online and is connected to Bolt Cloud. Bolt Wifi Network will now not show in smartphone as your bolt device is already connected to router/internet source.

Please login into Bolt Cloud ( and check whether the device is online or not. It should ideally display your device on the Dashboard.

@rajvijshah0 I too faced this problem. Your both Led are glowing which indicates that the device is connected to your router as well as the cloud. Install the BOLT IOT app in some other mobile and reset your wifi password and try again. I too done this steps to overcome this