Cannot link a shared device

I have shared my device to another account. But after creating a product, I am unable to link it to this device. It says, you won’t own a device, buy a new Bolt. I can see the device in my account on Bolt website as well as on mobile app but the Link is disabled for the product I created.

Please do check whether you have logged onto bolt as well as bolt mobile app with the same Email account or not. If not then log in with the same email account, doing so wil may lead to your conclusion.

I logged in Bolt as well as on Mobile app with same email account (to which I shaed the device). Is there a way to delete a device from the account? I plan to use them (I have 12) in a workshop on IoT in Engineering college. So I would like to assign the device to different users at different times. So it would help if you can provide the steps to delete a device from one user’s account so that it can then be assigned to a new user.

Any updates on above query. Its quite urgent!


U can unlink from your dashboard