Cannot link my device

i cant link my device. my both wifi and mobile data is on and still its showing no internet connection.

follow these steps:

  1. Firstly turn off your wifi from the phone and keep the mobile data on.
  2. open the Bolt IoT app.
  3. remove the devices connected earlier
  4. press the “add device” button
  5. connect to the local wifi/hotspot from the nearby available connection list
  6. when it gets connected to the internet connection, one led on the bolt will turn green

Hope this works!!

how do i remove previous connected devices?
since iam not seeing any option there to remove them.

Do one thing once you open the app directly click on “add devices” and follow the instructions, it works :+1:

i did that many times. when iam clicking on verify my device there iam having a problem, its saying no internet connection when i have both and wifi and mobile data on.

can you share a screenshot!!


Cool!!.. It seems like bolt is connected to cloud…
Is Blue and Green leds On, on Bolt???

only blue led is blinking slowly.

ohh… Its not connected then :woozy_face:
It should have work with these steps!

Redo the complete process frm installing it again :sweat_smile: :fallen_leaf::grimacing:

iam doing that from a very long time.
the last iam just getting a message that i dont have internet connection and nothing else.

@ajkanpur298 The error is because the phone is not connected to the Internet. I can see that you have connected to the WiFi but the mobile data is off. At this screen, turn on your mobile data and click on Retry.

i did that too but still its not linking

same thing is happening with me i can’t connect my bolt wifi module to my phone
blue light keeps blinking slowly
@ajkanpur298 can you tell me how did you overcome this?

@ajkanpur298 I can understand your problem as same problem was in my device in the first run. Just shut off everything and then follow these steps:
1.First please watch the connection video again.
2.Now try to connect by the steps mentioned in video and remember to keep your phone in normal state like mobile data on and no wifi.
3. Use hotspot connection if needed later. And just follow the steps shown on your screen.
Thank you

well iam still in search of a solution, i will tell you as soon as i get to know

You supply the power by laptop for wifi module and do all the steps as in the Bolt app, I also faced same problem but now it is solved.Try it again and again,it might be solved your problem.

Both your mobile and WiFi module connected to same network,don’t connect your mobile network to module take other network
For example take network A by using this network connect your other devices called module and your phone
I hope it will work

i suggest you redo the process once again