Cannot proceed with other topics

Why cant i proceed with the proceeding videos…its not even ticked and marked as review still in the ‘start’ button

Please help me with this…im still stuck in the addition topic from yerterday

Hi @rekonkansaroi Share me your gmail id.

Hello Sir i have mailed you my email id…kindly help me with this

Hoping that you recieved it…Sir if you do not recieve do kindly inform me

What it is Showing when u are trying to proceed forward

Try to open it in windows/laptop

Hi @rekonkansaroi can you share me here

Sir if i can just screen record then you will understand

I can’t attach a video here right Sir…ill try sending screenshot…if i click on “complete and continue” and the next button also its taking me to the same page…in the “Addition in Python” only

if u r finished then go to next module it may happen due to internet issue and open it on laptop it will not happen

Ok…Sir i’ll try tomorrow since i could use the PC today…i’ll whether it works or not…Thank you Sir for suggestions

Hello teachers so grateful and happy to tell you that i can proceed with the videos…even in my phone …Thank you Teachers for your help🙏

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All the best @rekonkansaroi …peace