Cannot reset password :

I am trying to reset password for trainings.boltiot - and failing it.

  1. Logged in successfuly.
  2. Edit profile --> it redirects to site
  3. Clicked on Change Password link ; it ask for new password and old password.
  4. Whatever you do, it doesn’t accept the change giving an error “current password is incorrect”

Anybody faced this issue with the possible resolution, please.


I had logged in using google account and didn’t have any passwords but I guess you could change your password at
(if you are already logged in): then go to ‘Security’ (you’ll find it on the left of the screen)
if you have to log in go to: then click on the 3 dots on the top right next to your profile and click on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Security’

Thanks vbhr for the response.
Even I logged into with google account - its straight.

But for - a seperate credentials has to be created, the google login option does not appear to me. I want to change that password now.

Any help ?

Log out of your account and give forgot password it will prompt for your email id, give your registered email id and click send me instructions, then a email will be sent to you mail with a link(change my password button) to change your password. Hope it helps