Cannot type commands in ubuntu

Evey time I launch ubuntu in Virtual Machine ,Installation process restarts always…
even password is not been recognised multiple times…
Even after login I cannot type the commands.
Can u help me out from this issue.

Hey @ajaymahanrp

What virtual machine are you using ? and is this the first time you are using a virtual machine?
and also please put a screenshot of what error are you getting? it would be helpful to understand the problem better

But what i suggest is try uninstalling virtual box and also delete the ubuntu iso file. Now download the latest version of the virtual box and ubuntu and go on with the regular steps. I think that should solve the issue if not feel free reach out again/

Brother thanks for the solution…
But after reinstalling it …I cannot type commands after logging in…it takes a lot of time before typing my first command after login… even if I could start typing my commands,after minimising this machine for for few seconds and after opening it again the same procedure of delay happens as in a loop…

clicl crtl+alt then you can see pointer on your ubuntu server the clicl ok
thenn you can type command

delete the server which you have installed in the virtual machine and download the server from the ubuntu website and reinstall it
—> while installing the virtual machine give some extra RAM and ROM to the machine