Cannot understand the teacher

I am doing the IOT and ML course. In the first half of the html there was another teacher who was slow and explained properly. The teacher teaching Java is extremely extremely fast and and understanding concepts id becoming really difficult.


If you have any doubt regarding Javascript, or any part you are not able to understand, you can put them here in the forum.

We’ll help in teaching you and so that you understand the concept.

Do not worry, we have got your back. We can even hold a 1-to-1 session to clear your doubts.

Thank you so much.
I am not really able to follow what is being taught because of the speed and lack of proper explaination.
I would like to request a 1 to 1 session for the javascript part.
Also, would like to request you to re-record those sections with the pace reduced.


For now, I’d suggest you to keep a note of what is being taught. The videos can be replayed and watched again. There have been students who faced issues in understanding initially, but writing notes of the what is being taught can help you in revising later.

I’ll forward your request for a session, will mail you regarding this in future.

I usually write it before typing the code from the beginning. But not able to understand this part at all.


So you are not able to understand anything from the first module " Introduction to JavaScript" itself?