Can't access course videos. Shows error 403 Forbidden

Hi @poonia.2
You should try to access the course using the mail send to you by bolt by clicking on
Access course button


You should confirm✅ your email while access the course confirm email message is also send to you on your email by bolt

Hi @poonia.2
If you are connected to the public/college internet in such cases the internet provided by the them restricrts some videos. So try to connet to moble internet or any other alternative network.

Hi @poonia.2,
Are you accessing your training using a public/college Internet connection? In that case, it may be the case that the network administrators have blocked some streaming services. Do inform your college IT admin regarding this. Until then, I would request you access your training using Mobile Data or another alternative network.
In case you are using a Home Internet Connection and facing the issue, kindly contact your internet service provider.

@poonia.2 I think you should try by clicking on the “Access Course” button.

Things to check:
1.Your Internet Connection.
2.Try using another device.
Do let me know your query solved or not.

Please check your internet connection. If that is disabled then it will show 403 error

Please check the internet connection, turn off the internet and try to connect again. if still not working, try using another internet connection or another device.

Usually this Happens because of low internet connection. Please You should connect good internet connection and try again.

A “403 Forbidden” error may occur due to various reasons: insufficient permissions, lacking appropriate resource access, or misconfigured security settings. The server’s settings could be wrongly configured, hindering access, while corrupted server files might also trigger this error. Additionally, during a DDoS attack, resource access could be temporarily blocked to safeguard against the attack.

To address a “403 Forbidden” error, consider these steps: Verify your permissions for resource access. Ensure the server’s security settings aren’t obstructing your access. Temporarily disable third-party browser extensions to eliminate potential conflicts. Reboot your device as a simple troubleshooting step. If issues persist, contacting the website administrator might be necessary after exhausting prior measures.