Can't connect bolt to cloud through the URL as the device connected to college WiFi

I am setting up the bolt device. I powered on the device and connected to the bolt app in mobile then the blue LED is constantly glowing. Then from Fing software, I found out bolt IP as but when I entered this IP, hotspot from my mobile and password of the hotspot, It is still not connected to the cloud and it the URL displaying site can’t be reached.

Hello @udaykanth216 college wifi have restrictions to access some websites and so connect your module to a private network and the website will load.:smiley:

My bolt device has been connected to college Wifi network and I am not able to disconnect it. I have tried to disconnect in the bolt cloud but it displaying that firmware is not supporting.

Hi @udaykanth216,

Check if you are typing the correct IP address of your Bolt device. To check if you got the correct IP.

type the below command.


Then change the network