Cant connect to bolt

Sir. …im facing a prob wth my bolt…i am able to connect to my mble hotspt both my lappy and bolt( whch takes a lot of tym nwdys)…proxy settings are all off too…using the ip scanner the ip collected …bt whn i put it in my browser wth the developer or wtht developer…it jst keeps loading tll the connection is timed out or the notification there is a problem in network is displayed…can you plzz help


I was also having this kind of problem some days back. But Pranav resolved my issue.Thanks to him.

Remember , if you are using Mobile for providing hotspot to BOLT some time and laptop for some other time, there will have a chance that IP address of your BOLT device will become different in both the cases. The reason for this is- because of the difference in the accomodation of IPs for both Desktop and mobile network as a reason of their different IP ranges.
Hence, I would like to suggest you to check the IP twice in both the cases.

In case if your query is not resolve even after, I would like to suggest you to follow the following thread
of the forum.

There might be a case,that,your files on SD card are lost !!


In case, if you are not able to connect even now also, I suggest you to check whether have you placed your BOLT board on a non conducting platform or not?

Note: keeping your BOLT device on a metallic table will be dangerous as it may short circuit your device (from the back). Hence try to use some wooden or non conducting platforms.