Can't connect to my Bolt

At 29th in night i was setting up my bolt and it got connected by 2nd method through my pc , i learned LED control and BUZZER control at night and left the exercise for tomorrow morning and in morning i started working and i wasnt able to connect on my BOLT_IP_ADDRESS infact i also wasnt able to connect on

And in my bolt hardware the blue light stable.

plz help me if anyone knows how to figure it out.

BoltIoT uses a dynamic IP address system. This means that your bolt changes its IP every time it restarts. That’s why BOLT_IP_ADDRESS didn’t work.

You couldn’t connect to because your bolt was already connected to a network, and was no longer acting as a hotspot.

Use an IP scanner to find the current IP of your bolt.
Or, if you have access to your router you can check there. For my router (D-Link DSL-2750U) I had to go to status -> DHCP clients.

To make sure your bolt always gets the same IP grant it a DHCP lease.
I did this by going to setup -> local network -> DHCP reservation list

The setting for your router is probably located elsewhere. PM me if you need help :slight_smile:

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When i started bolt for the first time it just connect tho my device for a few seconds andt hen gets disconnected.Again i have to restart my device to connect it for a few seconds
Plz help me solving this

This will help: Setting up Bolt with an SD Card Reader