Can't connect with bolt cloud using netplug

My bolt device get connected on netplug but not on bolt iot app and hence not showing on bolt cloud please explain it to me


Bolt App is for the version 2 of Bolt that has recently been launched and is not supported By Bolt version 1 which you currently possess.

To register your device to the cloud simply use the following URL from your browser and replace ip_address with the IP address of your Bolt as found on your local network.


For example if my Bolt ip is and my email is then

It shows an error: Not found: /register. This is the link i typed in browser…

Hi @sasi2013dharan Please send your bolt id and registered email id to We will link your device to your account.
To find the bolt id type your bolt ip followed by getId
For example .

. can you confirm if this ip actually belonged to a bolt , were you able to access the bolts home page on

Please do not post your device id on the forum. I have forwarded your query to the tech team. They will link your device to your account soon.

Please register my email with my bolt


Please share your Bolt id as well.
To find the id it will be present on the SD card in bs.txt file.
You can view this file by ip_address/serveFile?filename=bs.txt

The id will be BOLTXXXXXX

Hi @avidillon5 ,
You BOLT is never connected to the internet enabled Wi-Fi network. Please connect it to the internet enabled Wi-Fi network and follow these procedure Even after Registering Bolt device is not showing in my cloud

I connected my bolt and laptop to my mobile hotspot.When mobile data is off, shows no internet access.When i turn mobile data on, it keeps on loading and shows nothing.Even is not loading.