Can't find my Robotics course in "My Courses" tab


I had enrolled for the Robotics course on but I can’t find that course in my Course list.
Kindly let me know once the issue is solved.


Do you mean You need to go through the access card that you received with your kit and follow the mentioned instructions.

The instruction will guide you to from where you need to click on the “Go to course” button and then unlock the training module in the redirected link. You’ll be able to access the training from there directly next time.

Make sure to use the same email ID (to sign in or login) you used when you bought the course.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

I tried the same process but It is redirecting me to the “My Courses” tab where I can’t find the course.


Go to Online Training on Robotics and Arduino | Bolt IoT, Enroll in the training and Enter the coupon code from Bolt Cloud page. You should be able to view the course in ‘My courses’ tab from next time

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