Can't install bolt library

I can’t install bolt library in anaconda

Any one help me out please.
Thanks in advance!

HI @shivamkumar2970, try giving space after pip and install.
pip install boltiot

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Have you used sudo pip3 install boltiot
If not try this command

You haven’t used space between your command.
Use sudo pip3 install boltiot

Hello @shivamkumar2970
You don’t need to use python shell to install boltiot package.
First open the terminal and check if you have an updated version of pip by using the below command

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Then use the below command to install boltiot package

pip install boltiot

Hope this helps :sweat_smile:

It helped thanks to you, but I have one more query related to this that in project 9 in iot and ML how can we save which consists of our credentials

Make sure to save it in the same folder where your main python file will be present.

hi@shivamkumar2970 . you have to leave space between pip and install
The correct command is sudo pip3 install boltiot
it also must be case sensitive.
hope this is helpfull :slight_smile:

hi @shivamkumar2970 You have to save the in the same folder where the main python file located . and also check the case sensitive while saving any file or folder .you must type the same name (case sensitive) to open the file or to run .