Can't login to the course

Why am I not able to access my Bolt IOT ML course that I’ve enroled? It is showing cupon expired.

you need to start when you first purchase the course…as then you can find that exp date of coupon…if you have started then i think it will be lifetime accession…as you start late the validity of coupon is lost…you can also contact with the Bolt Iot member if you have any connection…
because i really don’t know if you can again continue the previous one or you again to purchase the same course or not…

I started the course as soon as I bought it. 1 or 2 months ago also I had the access. I don’t know suddenly what happened.

Please visit this link Bolt IoT. If you don’t remember your password, use the forgot password option to reset it. Once done, you will be able to continue accessing your training.

give the correct email password used to register for the course.