Can't take up the certification exam

I cannot able to attend the exam when I click the take certification test button it navigates to a page which shows this

@akshayan.sinha please help me out to rectify this


Sorry for the inconvenience. I have forwarded your request to the team. Once we check it on our end, we’ll inform you right-away.

@sec19ec014 We have fixed the issue now. Please check now if you are able to take the exam. Let us know if you were to able take the test or in case of any issues.

Also apologies for the delay in getting the issue solved.

sir I have a doubt before that ,before attending the test I was instructed to submit a project and I did it .I have the link for that but the link now says like this is this fine ,like I think probably once submitted I cant view it.

@akshayan.sinha please confirm this once because i cannot submit a link that is not working
@pranav.kundaikar.inv you too sir please


Do not worry, the preview/draft link will be accessible by our team.

Users cannot view their projects through draft/preview link, you can only access it from the project submission dashboard.

thank you for immediate reply sir