Capston project

i have written the code for capston project. while i am running the code , it is showing the sensor limit beyond the minimum and maximum limit but i am not getting any alert through sms or email.below are the images of the code. please help me where i am wrong…

This is the output after running the code…

but i am not receiving any sms or email.

@vikaskumar29116 PLease check your indentation on the code.

From the screenshots of the code I can see that the code that checks if the sensor value is above or below threshold is outside the while loop. Hence your code is not able to execute it.

Do revert back if your code does not work even after fixing the indentation issue.

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Thank you,
i was finding the errors since last 15 days but i was unable to find it.
and you solved my problem thank you so much.

Thank you for your guidance
I was also struck on this for quite some time. Your guidance helped me solve it