Capstone Project : No refrigerator

Is it okay if I do not use refrigerator because I don’t have access to one. What shall I do? Please help.

I had same issue then I ask them through a mail then they give me an answer that I can do it in my room temperature
but it’s better to ask them

Thank you.
I had one more query though. My mailgun account is not getting verified. My phone number is not getting any verification code. For two days straight. What can I do?

hello @kritidasece61
i think u should try to make account from another phone no. maybe it may work
if it doesnt then let me know .

I’ve tried with two different numbers from one account. Nothing’s happening.

Yes you are right, the maigun account verification through phone no. was little frustrating to me also . It generally don’t work at night(no verification code we get) but don’t worry try doing it at morning (IT WORKED FOR ME)
after the verification go to your dashboard
Now click on the domain option then there you’ll see the only one domain starting with the name sandbox, click on that
then you will ask How would you like to send your emails from sandbox?
Select API then choose python language…
there you’ll find you api key and url
Use this in your code…

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