Capstone project polynomial regression

how to implement data plotting and polynomial regression part without using bolt cloud dashboard?

also how predicting the values make sure that the temperature is never between -33 and -30 for longer than 20 minutes?

@jain.reechika if you dont want to use the bolt cloud dashboard then you have numerous Option to create one yourself. Example… you can use bolt api in your python program, collect the values and create your own plot using matplotlib seaborn and all. You can create your own model to predict future data and so on. Collect values…store in a dataset…and start programming.
That prediction can never make sure value is between the one you specified. You just predict what’s the possible future temperature and see if it falls in the range.

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I try to solve your problem using Machine Learning process
Python has methods for finding a relationship between data-points and to draw a line of polynomial regression . Here is the example:
The code is
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
The output is come using the code.