Capstone project query

is it alright to my iot microcontroller inside refrigirator i have doubt that it will get effected by the temperature inside the refrigirator.

Yes it is alright to keep the bolt iot device in the refrigerator along with the power bank. Keep a cloth below the device as well as below the power bank. Check if your power bank is properly charged before use. Although very very small amount of water will be there on the power bank due to condensation but it is alright .

Yes, it is safe to keep bolt IoT in the refrigerator for two hours.If you are attaching it to a Powerbank, make sure you tape the ports of powerbank which are not in use.Also, after performing the experiment, wipe the powerbank with a cloth and keep under a fan to dry.

*This was my setup and my bolt as well as powerbank is in working condition.