Career after bolt

iam intrested in doing projects .iam completing my bolt after that what projects should i do to improve my career

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Good to hear this! I too completing the course. When i got an strike in my mind about the future and the projects, I have made an surf and got some best results to follow and implement.I am happy to share those with you.I suggest you to follow two major sites for this and instructables.

More or less Youtube is there ! i already got an video Watch it!

I hope that it will be helpful for your upliftment.
Thank U!:grinning:


Hii @gowthamkishoreinduku, I hope you are enjoying the course.I am also doing this course. As per your interest you can make any projects.If demand is studied then it will be better if you do projects related to website.Try to do something new, so that when you will put this on your cv, your cv will be strong and hence will help you during placements.

I hope my lines will help u.Thank you and All the best for your career.