Certificate correction and re-exam as hackerstat.io makes an upload problem

Hello my name is Mohit and I want a correction Apne certificate as my university name on the certificate is is known written properly as the the full name of my University has been written on the certificate is come over the score text.

Beside these can I have in option to increase my percentage which is written on the certificate as the hack hackers is not working in my case I just prepared a project iot based and try to upload in the hackers.io website but it doesn’t work at that moment so I request again I need it correction on my certificate and want a mercy chance to increase my percentage I just need only e live video marks that is project mark I don’t want to re exam with the MCQs I just want the 20 points that I get from the project that I made which is unable to upload on the hackerst.io

@shoeb.ahmed1 Can you check this?

@mohitmks619 Please write to support@boltiot.com with your access code and your hackster.io project and they will look into it.