Certificate issue!

what if i didnt clear the assesment ?? will i get the certificate??

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I will clarify your doubt.
sorry to say that but i don’t understand what do you mean by assessments!

If you means quiz which is included in the test so don’t worry those quizzes are included for self assessment only / for checking how much we have learned.

For Certificate you have to complete your course.
Get more than 50% in certification test
also submit 2 or more replies on the BOLTIOT FORUM

& you also have to make 1 project and submit it by following the proper steps.

I Hope Your doubt is clarified

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in final exam u have to get atleast 20% or above that oterwise u r not going to get certificate…and also read the instructions given before going to examination .

@mobby0022 , I think that you are talking about the final certification test. I am sure you must be aware of the fact that the Quizes / Assessments , which are in each of the section, are for personal evaluation only.

As far as the final certification test is concerned, you will get only one chance to clear it. Trust me it is not that much difficult if you had gone through each and evry content in the training modules. In the final assessment there will be 38 questions in total. The 38 questions are divided in this manner:

1. MCQ Questions: 35 questions will be asked from the training content’s itself. Each will carry a total of 02 marks, making the total score for this section to 70 marks.

2. Forum Links: You have to provide the links of the answers posted by you for others’ query. Make sure that you don’t copy paste the previous answer. Try to give correct and authentic answers so that they can be evaluated properly. Each link is of 4 marks, so this section carries a total of 8 marks .

3. Project Link: For completing the final exam, you have to make a project which is not previously made by anyone. All the details regarding this is provided on the Training Dashboard’s last section titled Certification Test . The link of the project carries a total of 22 marks .

⁂ The final test there will be a total of 38 questions with a total weightage of 100 marks (72 + 8 +22 = 100).

Make sure that you have all these things before giving the test. (Paste the links in a notepad or word so that you can paste them when asked in the exam)

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