Certificate not yet recieved

@shoeb.ahmed @rahul.singh1
I gave my final test last week and I have still not received my updated certificate. I have searched for it in my SPAM box also but I haven’t received it yet. I got 68/70 in the test and 3 questions were sent for manual grading. My details as given in the test:
Name: Nimal Yughan Venkatesan
Email id: nimyug18@gmail.com
I have attached the pic i took of the final test page also.

since ,you just finished your course,it will take 7 working days for the bolt authority to send you your certificate , you will receive it via e-mail.If you still cant find that then check your spam folder just wait for 7 days ,you will get your certificate. Thank you

If you still didn’t get the certificate even after the 7 more working days of your course completion by Bolt iot authority send them an e-mail regarding your certificate then you may definitely get your certificate

According to our systems, the certificate has been sent. Please check your SPAM folder also for the email. Do let me know if you have not received it yet.