Certificate quarrey

I have got 40% in the mcq test… Will I get a certificate???

Actually as they mentioned that you must have 50% or above to pass in test and also to get certificate…I think they may not give you a certificate for 40%

@erinepereira27 one candidate is eligible for a certificate if he/she secures atleast 50% in the final test (which includes MCQ, final project and forum answers).

I guess the 40% will increase after your project is evaluated. You will get a certificate

I think they have mentioned a minimum 50% marks for certification exam alone

50% includes your final test, final project, and your bolt forum’s activities links that you had shared.

You might get certificate as this will be your aggregate score of your mcq test as well as project video and answering bolt forum questions.

@erinepereira27 eligiblility criteria for gaining a certificate is scoring at least 50% in the final test (MCQ test, final project and forum answers).

so you’ll get certificate after completing the three tasks as above mentioned and based on the overall score certificate will be issues… if you are doubt doesn’t clarify with this you can ping me…thank you