Certificate related issue

Respected sir,
I just gave my certification exam and answered 30 mcqs correctly. After the exam my score was 60 percent and the project and forum questions were ungraded. There was a link to download the e-certificate. When I clicked on it , it downloaded a certificate with 60 percent score however my project and forum questions are still ungraded and 60 percent is not my final score, was also mentioned there. When will I get my final certificate with correct score?
Thank you.

Hi @vermayash88991,

I am inviting @shoeb.ahmed. He will help you out.

Sure, Thank you for your quick response. Please help.

@vermayash88991 We require about 5-7 working days to review your project and forum answers. A new certificate will be sent via email when all marks have been given.

Yes, I know it takes about 7 working days to review tje project and questions , I was worried about the marks awarded in the present certificate which is 60 percent only. I think my problem is solved as you said you will send a new certificate . Thank you so much for your help.

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