Certificate test Query

I have already passed the certification test but not satisfied with the marks obtained. So can I give the certification test again?

Hi @mishrasaurabhvns123,

This query has been resolved in the following link

@vinayak.joshi Sir, I am not satisfied with my previous marks, i have my access code with me so can i give the test today to improve my marks. I know we can give test only once buut what if I give again? only tell me about these.

Hi @mishrasaurabhvns123,

You can give it a try, but the system is build to not allow you to re-take the exam.
The decision to not allow re-attempts for students who have already passed the exam was taken after quite a bit of discussion by the management team. This is done so as to maintain the value for the certificate.

The only option that you have to re-take the exam (this is because we do not have control over the system to stop you from doing this), is to purchase another kit with course access, and use the new course access code to get through the exam.

Given that the kit and course is charged at INR 9600, I don’t believe you would be willing do do so.