Certification and sign in

I had created my account using the sign in with google option.Will that cause any problem while giving the exam?

No problem @riyajhagogo !!..you access the certificate exam with your google account also…
Thank you!!

Hi @riyajhagogo,
There will be no problem as such but every time you login, you need to sign in with your google account instead of your regular sign in.

This will be not cause any problem ,as this is one of the way through which you can sign in.You just need to sign in with your google account only.

Dear @riyajhagogo
it will not cause you any problem if you signed your using your google , you will not face any problem but if you try to login in to the bolt cloud with other devices it will ask you to add the google account on the particular device , so make sure that you already add the account on the device, before logging to the bolt cloud.