Certification Exam: Final Score

I have given my bolt iot and ml certification test today…Its showing 42% but the project and forum quests are yet to be graded. How much time will it take to get the final score??
Please release my final score ASAP as I need to submit this certificate in college.

Hi @ayanbanerjee905 ,
It takes up to a week for the certificate to be generated. Please let me know by when you have to submit it in college.

By 30th June 2022 I have to submit it.

Hi @ayanbanerjee905 , Bolt will provide you your certificate within a week , although if number of tests are more they will take a week or else they will release within 3 days.

@ayanbanerjee905 we will provide the certificate before that. If you don’t receive it by the 29th, tag me(@raghav.srivastava) and let me know.