Certification exam project

Do I have to submit the Capstone Project or an entirely different project for the certification exam?

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@siddharthoza00 , you have to make a new project that is you can’t submit the Capstone or any other project which was discussed in the training.

You can create ANY project you want as long as it utilizes the Bolt module. Projects which do not make use of the Bolt module will not be awarded any marks. You can use any other board along with the Bolt module for your project, e.g. Bolt + Arduino, Bolt + Raspberry Pi etc.

You can visit the Bolt IoT’s Project page to view the projects created by the community and get some inspiration for your project. You can choose to create a project which has already been created by someone else, but please DO NOT plagiarize the content. Plagiarization will fetch you ZERO marks. You will need to create the project content yourself.

I hope I have answered your query :slight_smile:

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@siddharthoza00 @vishalvats2000 we can use capstone project as the final projecta, as it is mentioned under project 1 : building your first iot project

It is written as follows:-

  1. shoot a project video of the final capstone project or any other IoT project that you build with Bolt and share it with us for review which carries 40% however vedio is not mandatory

Which one is true???

@harshitakha925 I know it is written in the content. So, first let me discuss the various parameters on which the final project will be evaluated:

  1. Originality - Points will be awarded for originality of the project. If your project utilizes unique sensors or has a unique/different method of explaining the concept of the project etc., you will get more marks.
  2. Content - More points will be awarded if you have explained the content so that anyone reading the project can understand how to recreate the project. If you have shot a video explaining the working of the project, remember to add it to the project with the content.
  3. Ease of recreation - Marks will also be awarded for the project’s instructions on how to recreate the project. A person who is reading your project for the first time should be able to recreate the project easily.
  4. Code explanation - If your project has a coding part, then marks will also be given for explanation of the code and its readability.

After going through the above points, I am sure that if you submit the capstone project as the final project then it will not yield any points in Originality and also other parameters are restricted somehow because how can 1000 students modify a same project according to their capabilities!

The final project is there to measure your capabilities and how you can create a project that can somehow effect someone in the society. Personally, I feel that good marks will be fetched by your original and fresh idea rather than providing the capstone project.

Rest is upto you :smile:

@vishalvats2000 Absolutely agreed with the points you mentioned :))
yet the conclusion is capstone project could be used also and other new ideas are welcomed as well , its completely optional :smile:

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@siddharthoza00 please do close the query by marking my first post as the solution as I have provided the solution for your initial query .

Can an admin or course instructor confirm this please?

Capstone Project means a project which includes the culmination of skills and knowledge gained throughout the course.
You can make anything you want. Something as simple as light monitoring project will reward you marks.

Marks is rewarded based on your comprehension and presentation. As long as you have used bolt in it, made the document yourself, uploaded a video, you can expect above 80% (for project) for sure.

If i choose the light intensity one it would be the same as it is in the course, wouldn’t it be considered as plagiarism?

You can’t just submit the same project. You can use the sensor to make a different project altogether. Buddy it’s not necessary that you have to give the certification test. So, take your time and think of a project.

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Light intensity is not a presentable project. You can use LDR, or other sensors from your kit for various projects. Like street light, emergency heat detection etc.

Basically, you have to work on it. Nothing comes for free.

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@siddharthoza00 I guess your query must be resolved as of now. So please mark solution

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