Certification exam retake?

Can we retake the bolt certification exam for IoT and ML course if we want to improve our grades?
So if i get 65% and i want to improve can i take the test again?
What happens if we score less than 50%?

As per the given instructions you can give it only once per course access code.

  1. Please keep the ‘Course access code’ which you had used to get the training access ready with you. It is a 30 digit alphanumeric code. If you don’t have the code then please check the previous section of this training.
  2. The test can be given only ONE time. Please do not give the test if you have not completed the course or have not built a project/answered questions on forum.boltiot.com

If you score less than 50% no certificate will be awarded.

You only can take certification exam only once. Minimum 50% marks requires to pass the exam.

As per instructions, you have to do all the given below following tasks:-

  1. Answer an MCQ test which carries 40% weight
  2. Shoot a project video of the final project or any other IoT project that you build with Bolt and share it for review which carries 40%
  3. Answer any two questions asked by other students on [forum.boltiot.com]. This will carry 20% weight.