Certification mail

As i have completed my course and attempted exam in 19th April I have not yet received any certification mail. Can I know when I’ll get my certification of completion.

@187r1a0421 if you have given the exam on 19 April, so you must have received a mail having the repsonse of your answers as well as the provisional training certificate (that will have the total % secured but without the project evaluation).

And after couple of weeks you must have received the final certificate also. Please do have a look in the inbox or the spam :open_file_folder: in case you missed those mails.

If still you are not able to find those then write an email to support.boltiot.com stating the compete info and issue

TQ @vishalvats2000 but I haven’t received any mails as I even checked my spam there I found no mails can you provide the proper mail address so that I can mail them

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Mail to support@boltiot.com from your registered email ID