Certification of internship

I had submitted my internship project last week but didn’t receive the certificate till now. When will I get the certificate?

@shruti.gautam.cs.201 if you have given the exam in the last week , so you must have received a mail having the repsonse of your answers as well as the provisional training certificate (that will have the total % secured but without the project evaluation).

And after couple of weeks you must have received the final certificate also. Please do have a look in the inbox or the spam :open_file_folder: in case you missed those mails.

If still after few days you are not able to find those then write an email to support.boltiot.com stating the compete info and issue

I have got the training certificate last month and after that I have submitted the project , but I didn’t get the certificate of the internship.

Do wait for some more days. You can yourself check whether your project is published or not. If its published then you will get the Internship certificate in sometime.

@shruti.gautam.cs.201 Can you please let me know which internship project you are talking about? A screenshot of the exam or request to submit the project would be really helpful.