Certification on getting 42 % in final exam

I got 42% in final exam of the training.I did not pasted project link and answering queries will I get certification?

According to the pass criteria, you need a total of 50% including MCQ, project and forum queries.

Since you didn’t do any of those, your total percentage will remain 42%. So, you won’t get certificate.

The certificate (for MCQ) usually generates immediately. Students who get above 60% and are able to download the certificate from the result window. And few days later receive the final certificate(including marks for project and forum).

Also, you only get one chance to give the certification test.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Then how if I need certification?

You should have given the exam with proper preparation, a project, and paste links of your forum solutions.

You only get one chance when you buy a particular course and then give the certification exam, where you need to score at least 50%.

Everything was mentioned in the course as well, the instructions, guidelines, FAQs etc

Now can i submit forum queries and project to get certification as I got 42% in final course exam

No. You lost your chance already. You can still make projects but you won’t be able to submit the link, as you cannot give the exam again.

Should have read the guidelines before heading for the exam. Or maybe should have scored above 50%.