Certification Process

What is the process of being certified? I mean how many and when I have to give exams? I want to know the entire procedure. Please help me to know.

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you will have to attend an exam at the end which carries 40% of marks then the project you submit to the bolt will be verified it carries another 40% of marks then you will be asked two questions from anywhere in the whole course which carries the remaining 20% marks so total 100%

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Hi,@aviroopchakraborty5 1st you have to complete your course and during these periods you have to visit the bolt forum and help another members for there query by answering there doubts.Those carries each 4marks,you have to give minimum 2 and finally share these links during final exam.You also have to make 1project and share this in YouTube and give that URL in hackstar.io and make a URL then give this when asked during exam.That carries 22marks and you’ll get according to your performance.Then the exam will start and the exam contains 38 questions which you have to complete in 45minitues.


Link is not available now.Please provide me certificate

@hardik.sogani1 Your certificate will be issued within 7 working days from the date of exam submission. Your patience is appreciated.