Certification project

Do I have to complete project before certification test?

yes dear, you have to complete project first, after that go for the certification test and remember to keep project link with you, while you start your test.

Apart from the MCQ test , you will have to complete the capstone project and shoot a project video( it carries 40% weight in the certification test). You will have to submit the link for your project so keep the link with you while giving the test. You can keep the link in your notes or wordpad so that you can easily copy paste the link .
Along with the project you will have to answer 2 questions on forum.boltiot.com . Also keep these two links with you during the test(it carries 20% weight in certification test).

Yes u you must have to complete the project and it should be posted on hackster.io web site and then you have to copy the link of the project and u have to submit the link at the time of certificate exam.

Yes yes,you have to complete your project and also you have to shoot a project video first.and then go for the certification test.for that please keep project link with you.certification test