Certification test problem in project submission

My project link got changed which I pasted in during the test .It was working fine few moments earlier but somehow it got changed after I have given the test. What should I do?
I don’t want to lose 22 marks because of it.
please help


What is the old link that you submitted? Are you worried that your link is not working, and showing ‘Page not Found’?

Sir, When I take the link from Preview in new Tab and paste it in an incognito window, It shows “You ar not allowed to view drafts” and when I take the link from PermaLink->View Post and paste it on an incognito it shows Page not found. Why is that??


Do not worry. This link is not public and can only be viewed by an admin. In your case, the examiner will be able to view your project to provide you grades.

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Sir, what percentage of the total are “Forum Answers” worth in the final certification?


One forum link will fetch you 4/100 marks.

The test consists of 38 questions, 35 MCQs and 3 links- 2 for forum question and 1 project link.

Each MCQ question carries 2 marks each, project carries 22 marks, and forum questions carry 8 marks in total.
Thus, the total comes out to be 100.

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Thanks @akshayan.sinha for clarifying.