Certification Test problem

I have completed all chapters of training. I entered my email and password for training but then I was asked to enter coupon code, and when I entered it says the code is invalid. Which code is supposed to be entered here? I entered the code mailed during enrollment.

If you have taken the course and completed all the chapters then you should login neither sign up. There must be some network issues. Refresh your page and try again and do login your account

  1. You can get your Course access code by visiting https://cloud.boltiot.com/training

2.This is the same code that you used to get access to the course/training on trainings.boltiot.com

3.And if there is further any problem send a ss of the page so that we can easily troubleshoot the error.

The enrollment code which has been given in mail that must be used and after giving check the code properly ,if again the problem exist that invalid it is showing then refresh the page if further the problem exist then mail it to support@boltiot.com

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