Change current wifi network

How do I reconfigure my bolt device to connect to a different wifi network?

You’ll have to repeat the setup from the app. Just change the WiFi network credentials at the end to the WiFi network you want the module to connect to.
Refer here for the process.

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In order to change the wifi network, I removed the current device from my cloud account and repeated the initial procedure of assigning a wifi network and then connecting the device back to my cloud account.
This helped me assign a new wifi network. Hope it helps you too!
The link below explains the setup process:

It is nothing but you simply need to reconnect or add your bolt device from first in your bolt app which you have installed in your mobile. Then you just need to follow the steps given in it and you can select your preferable network as you have done at first. I hope this will be useful for you.

Login to your Bolt IoT Cloud and then in the device section you’ll see your device, click on device info. You’ll see the name of your currently connected WIFI network with a button named disconnect in front of it. Click on disconnect and then repeat the setup from the Bolt IoT App. At the end you’ll be asked to connect to a WIFI, here you just select your current WIFI and you will have successfully changed your WIFI connection.