Change in registered mail id

I have not started using the module and started using cloud yet. But I wanna change the registered mail ID. Under “my account”, I am not able to change the mail ID. Please help me out with this.

First of all log in to with your previous email. Then go to the profile section and edit the profile and now enter your new email id .I guess this would work out.


The email that you use to purchase the kit is used to uniquely identify you so that we can serve you better.

Is there any specific requirement/need for you to change the email id?

yeah it helped me! thanks!

you can edit your profile to change your email id

hey! @saishrini2000.1 for changing the registered mail id, you need to log in to the bolt platform and change your email id
link:Bolt IoT
right-click on the profile photo and click on edit profile, there you change your email there

Please send your problem in or whatsapp your problem.

You can change your registered mail ID so easily.First you have to login bolt IoT platform with the previous mail. Then go to profile section and you can edit your profile.There you can change your mail Id.
link to login bolt IoT platform: