Change of wifi network

hello. I have already setup the wifi network in my bolt device. Now I want to change the wifi network. Can you help me?

@vyshuchilla May be logging out of the bolt app and signing in again will help that.

@vyshuchilla Or by clicking on Add Device option you can do it.

thank you, but i have also tried that one at first, but no use

Please logout and while you login change your wifi network settings and while your doing it make sure that you off the other wifi network that you have been loggedin.
Still if your not getting you can ask me.

From your device info at the three dots at last column you can disconnect your wifi

Thank you @spriyam095, @sirisushma68, @vamsidharmandali, for your suggestions . I have successfully changed my wifi setup.

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Login bolt cloud on computer or laptop. Than click on the device information . There you will get the option of disconnecting your device from the network. And after that you can connect your device with other network.

Hi, log out of your bolt account in the app and then try again by selecting the add device option and also make sure you have enabled your GPS location.